Monday, May 10, 2010

Zumba - Breakin the mold

Pushed the comfort zone to another level today by attending a Zumba class. Was running some errands with a friend named Kayla and told her half jokingly I would go to Zumba with her and Jodi when they went later. As I thought about being there I noticed myself feeling awkward. I could tell if i did this I would feel uncomfortable. And ive been trying to live by the rule that If it makes you feel uncomfortable, Do it! This is something I never would have done a year ago. maybe even a week ago. I'm a little surprised I went (But not at the same time, weird). I committed to it right there and promised her I would go. Knowing I couldn't back out made the 3 hours before the class a lot easier. I didn't sit there and think about all the negative things that might happen during the class. Each thing I framed in a positive way. I'm going to be the only guy in a class of who knows how many girls, Tight. I'm not going to know how to do the dances and ill look like a fool trying, Awesome chance to practice not caring how I look to other people. I didn't let the normal negative thoughts get me down. What was the point? It was too late to turn back. Instead I got excited about the class. I thought about all the new opportunities it could open up. I could learn how to dance better and It would expand my comfort zone. Turns out there were a lot of times I could have felt very awkward but as soon as it crept in I smiled, enjoyed it and it went away. I kept reminding myself it didn't matter. OF COURSE I'm not going to be good at it! Its my first class!! and that's OK. I used to go into things like this and be uncomfortable If I wasn't one of the top people right off the bat. It usually caused me to goof around and not take thing thing serious. I wouldn't give myself a chance to improve. I'm going to commit to going to more classes (hopefully pick up some dance classes, salsa anyone?). I can see a ton of benefits. If I can become comfortable dancing like a fool in front of a bunch of girls, where I stick out like a sore thumb, then other things that might have made me uncomfortable before wont be shit. Every new thing you learn how to do helps your brain grow and get better at learning other new things. I can tell that I am super tight when it comes to dancing. I'm mechanical, I gotz no rhythm. If keep going to classes I can tell I will make a lot of improvements. This 'learned looseness' and mind-body connection that you must develop to be good at Zumba (or any other form of dance) will help in a ton of other areas. Every-thing is connected. I was better at the end of the songs than I was at the beginning, and after I can stop worrying about the basic things like where to put my hands and what beat is going to come next I will be able to improve my groove.

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