Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 3 - 30 Days of Paleo

Went to bed late again. Slept for around 4 hours got up to go on a jog. Slowly breaking back into an early rising sleep schedule again.

Well balanced breakfast.

Decalcify pineal gland

Cognitive Enhancers

Stuff is delicious. Adding ginger really seems to stop inflammation and make my joints feel crisp. Helps on longer runs. I grade it or else the coffee gets ginger strings in it.


Snacked a ton today. Was pretty hungry from running and still sore from crossfit on the 2nd so I don't mind pounding a bunch of nutrients. I'm addicted to coconut flakes.

Friends picked me up minutes after I got done mowing a plate of shepherd's pie. Still got my sample on.

More snacks. Probably wouldn't recommend eating as much nuts as I do If your trying to cut weight. They also tend to be high in omega 6.  Although it beats a McDonalds habit.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 2 - 30 days of paleo

Didn't sleep so good last night still.  Goal is to rise with the sun. Went to bed around 3am work up at 6 nap again at 8 till around 2.

Real sore from crossfit yesterday. Need nutrients.

'Cheese does have a broad appeal and can play a minor role in a helathy diet. Play it snooty and go for the high-quality, aged stuff. Aged cheese offers high-quality fats and proteins, as well as many other essential nutrients.'- Mark Sisson; The Primal Blueprint

Whole foods makes these and they are delicious. Decided to get a bunch of things I think might be good together and toss them together. Keeps in the fridge for awhile and its great to pair with damn near any meal.

Snacks ftw

Shepherd's pie is a delicious, easy to reheat go to paleo consumption food for Travis. The fridge usually has one of these hanging out in some form or another.


Chocolate for Dessert

Magnesium for bedtime

Day 1 - 30 days of paleo

January 2nd, 2013

New years really threw off the sleep schedule. Ended up staying at library club till 7 am. Got up around 1:30 pm didn't eat my first meal till 3.  Haven't been grocery shopping with traveling for the holidays so there is not much in the fridge.

Wanted to keep a fast going to clear the toxins from new years so I tried to consume most only fast for my first meal. 

Took salmon out from the freezer that morning. I fry it up in bacon grease coconut and oil butter so the skin sticks then add water put a lid on it. Cook it for the least amount of time I feel I can. Ate around 5:00

Reheat the beef and cabbage almond milk curry mix from last night. trying to consume more nutrients in anticipation of a visit to Brewcity Crossfit.

I make a lot of these. Usually they're kale based but I had none in the fridge.

Spaghetti squash and butter for crabs post workout. Something about replenishing the glycogen stores in your muscles and liver.

These are boss. I probably eat them too much but it beats a Dorito addiction.

Finally got some eggs from the store and missed breakfast so I made brinner.