Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 3 - 30 Days of Paleo

Went to bed late again. Slept for around 4 hours got up to go on a jog. Slowly breaking back into an early rising sleep schedule again.

Well balanced breakfast.

Decalcify pineal gland

Cognitive Enhancers

Stuff is delicious. Adding ginger really seems to stop inflammation and make my joints feel crisp. Helps on longer runs. I grade it or else the coffee gets ginger strings in it.


Snacked a ton today. Was pretty hungry from running and still sore from crossfit on the 2nd so I don't mind pounding a bunch of nutrients. I'm addicted to coconut flakes.

Friends picked me up minutes after I got done mowing a plate of shepherd's pie. Still got my sample on.

More snacks. Probably wouldn't recommend eating as much nuts as I do If your trying to cut weight. They also tend to be high in omega 6.  Although it beats a McDonalds habit.

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