Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 2 - 30 days of paleo

Didn't sleep so good last night still.  Goal is to rise with the sun. Went to bed around 3am work up at 6 nap again at 8 till around 2.

Real sore from crossfit yesterday. Need nutrients.

'Cheese does have a broad appeal and can play a minor role in a helathy diet. Play it snooty and go for the high-quality, aged stuff. Aged cheese offers high-quality fats and proteins, as well as many other essential nutrients.'- Mark Sisson; The Primal Blueprint

Whole foods makes these and they are delicious. Decided to get a bunch of things I think might be good together and toss them together. Keeps in the fridge for awhile and its great to pair with damn near any meal.

Snacks ftw

Shepherd's pie is a delicious, easy to reheat go to paleo consumption food for Travis. The fridge usually has one of these hanging out in some form or another.


Chocolate for Dessert

Magnesium for bedtime

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