Wednesday, March 31, 2010

be real dawg.

I think the goal is to get as close to 100% real as you can. Real to yourself. Not let anyones opinions influance your actions. And im not talking only about the obvious spoken opinions and scarscaticstic remarks but the more subtle things like negative body language, under the breath pffs, or even another persons feelings of being uncomfortable by what your doing causing you to feel the need to act differently. You can feel the uncomfert they dont have to do anything. even driving close behind someone will give them the feeling that their doing something wrong, that they should switch lanes or drive faster. On this quest to find out what it is that we enjoy, what kinda things we truly find super tight we will get haters. Haters hate because they see something they wish they were and do what they can do hold you back, keep you normal, just like them so they can remain comfortable. I also feel like this is more of a male game and cannot yet address how females act toward each other. Evolutionary it makes sense. The person who remains the least reactive is the alpha male. The alpha male gets what ever the fuck he wants. people have been competing for millions of years to climb the ranks and become the alpha male, they pass tests and deal with haters. the ones who rise to the top are the best haters of them all. the ones who put down and styfolded the other people into beta. These people have had time to spread their genes and their behavior from generation to generation for millions of years. and now its getting to a point where its all unnecessary. We have abundance. We no longer need to compete for hierarchy but most people let their emotions dictate their beliefs and behaviors and cannot see that logically they are doing themselves and the world around them more harm than good. They fail to realize that as long as they are comparing themselves to others they will always feel inferior to someone else in some way. Everyone has their own shit weather it be lazy shit, hater shit, insecure shit, , jealous shit, lire shit, dishonest shit, or truthful shit, real shit, love it shit, happiness shit, learner shit, success shit... its all shit to someone and everyone has their own brand. and usually its the man who farted who is the only one who doesn't mind.

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