Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life is superrrr tight.

This blog is going to be a tool to express myself and to test my self expression. I will attempt to put my thoughts out into the world for people to accept and reject as they see fit. knowing that everyone has their own shit, i will challenge myself to remain impartial to any negative or positive opinion. This is for me. At this point in my life i feel like people can make a heaven out of hell and a hell out of heaven. peoples outside world is a reflection of their inside world. this is a place for me to jot down my thoughts about what that means to me. My thoughts on life. What ive learned what im figuring out. Ideas i feel are interesting. My attempt at a new reality to shift away from the herd mentality. I dont really care about spelling and grammar, thats just another thing to styfold (inhibit? bog down? kill?) my style. Yeah these little red underlines so inconveniently let me spell good if i choose to so ill see what what happens in the mud pit when the mud turns to shit. Your defined in life by the actions you take and i think so many people are scared to be defined that they dont take action. hopeing itll work out. hopeing there will be another tv show to watch, another quick gratification they can grab to delay any true meaning of the experiance they were blessed with. We are the universe becoming aware of itself. We are here for such a short amount of time every minute you spend not being happy is a minute you wasted. Ive wreseled with this idea for some time because it seems contradictory to leading a successful life in the long term. But im beggining to realize that through living in the moment, realizing everyone has their own shit (negitive shit, happy shit, mean shit, nice shit, dorky shit, cool shit.) and expressing yourself with out letting anything outside influance you. You will be on your path. And each day you will get closer to your goals and your goals will give you a momentum to strong to stop. I have started viewing all the negative shit and outside circumstances i cannot control as a challenge to overcome. I live and gain exp with each new thing i face and concur. There is no such thing as failure. You live and learn. You either succeed or get closer to success. Life is an amazing place. With amazing gifts. and its the grapes who live through the shade that make the best wine. reality isnt real, and i need to make my seccond ever bowl of oatmeal. Late night at the bars. Don't have class till 3:00. I have some homework to catch up on and a new phone to get. Blog. You are super tight. Everyone is going to have a different interpretation of this blog and i'm going to attempt to just express myself with out thinking about how another person will interpret my expression. This will be a challenge at times but that'll only lead to that good old tasty fine wine.

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