Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ping Pong

How you think somebody is going to think about something, Is how they are going to think about it. If you do something 'weird' and you think someone is going to think its weird then that person will think its weird, you will project your thoughts on how to think about it into their state. If you deep down believe that they will think its tight as hell then they will feel that think its tight as hell. You have control. Truly believing that what you do is going to perceived the same way you perceive it and not misinterpreted the ways you might feel like it could be misinterpreted is the hard part. Damn, I hope that didn't get misinterpreted.

Living in the moment is huge. once you realize that you can trust yourself and not have an outcome dependence on anything that happens you can start to view the things that happen to you as the exact things you needed to happen to you in order to grow to the next level. Or maybe that stems only from my desire to grow to the next level. And sense i have that desire all the things in my life that happen to me result in me perpetuating that desire. If someone has the desire to feel miserable then all the things that happen to them are going to perpetuate that desire. They will all make them feel miserable in the same way that they make me feel like i used them to evolve to the next level.

What you think you are capable of is exactly what your capable of. If you are learning to juggle it will be very hard to do 100 juggles with 4 pins in a row on the first try. You don't really believe you are capable of juggling 100 times in a row on the first try. It takes practice to get to 100 throw. What is practice? Its proving to yourself you are capable of doing 100 juggles in a row. And that starts with proving to yourself you are capable of doing 2 juggles in a row and then 3. and for the quick learner it means pushing yourself and having confidence that you can do 2 in a row then 10 in a row.

A blog is me writing a note to myself. But not only to myself to all of the selves of me out in the world that are able to find it. All the selves out there that are at the same place as me. and i can thank the selves of me before me who are writing to all their other selves giving them guidance. Each little projection of me is out there for me to interpret in the way i see fit. The way my consciousness sees fit. My consciousness creates everything and everyone in my world as a vibration of my inner most beliefs. Where do these beliefs come from? Are they deep down socially conditioned things, but then social conditioning itself must come from your belief. Where do you formulate your first beliefs? Are fist beliefs an illusion in the same way that past and future are illusions and the only thing that's real is the now? Where do we get things in the now? Where does everything i have now, like this tea come from? Must have been a previous now that was nice enough to give it to the current now. Is that why its so important to give because when you can give to other people and take on a overall giving attitude you will tent to give yourself things in the now.

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