Friday, July 30, 2010

Focus the beam

Ive feel like Ive been pretty stagnant lately. Like i know what i need to do and know the path i need to start walking and the daily habits i need to get into in order to live to my highest potential but there's this constant voice in my head telling me it's OK to do whats easy. Its ok to sleep in and relax. But my belief that i need to work to achieve makes me feel the best when I'm striving to achieve a goal. I stop judging people and i just enjoy the world around me. I worry that i have been starting to many small projects and reading so many different books as a way to distract myself from finishing any of them. Maybe its a good things to get a ton of projects together in the direction of the larger project so that i can grow that much faster and when i have an obstacle in one area it will allow me to focus on something else until a path is found around that obstacle. I think i am at a point where i have the foundation laid. I have the blueprint of what i want to do basically set up. I have the understanding of the mindset needed to complete the project but not quite the full confidence in that mindset. I still have doubts. I have the vision to make the project sweet. I have the drive to see the project to completion and now all there is to do is drop all the minor distractions and do my work. My work needs to be the primary focus. around that enjoying peoples company, pursuing life experiences and reading to enhance my knowledge can compliment my primary purpose but i must not focus my beam of intent as to not be distracted by the secondary things that can be better left to the times i am resting from my primary purpose. Today i have a choice between going up north with friends and having fun this weekend at the cost of being pissed at myself for being lazy or I can go to hockey tonight, skip going up north and spend all Saturday learning how to make websites so i can bring my ideas to the world. But if i kept my intention and went up north would someone who already knows how to make websites be brought into my reality and the same outcome achieved? In this way does it matter if i stress myself to work or if i just live life to the fullest. Hopefully Steve Pavlinas current 30 day trial will shed some light on this predicament. For now I'm going to choose work because i do not yet have full trust in my powers of manifestation. I know that if i procrastinate on working out that i will get fat and feel shitty. Why would it be any different if i procrastinate on working.


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