Tuesday, October 5, 2010

30-Day trials

I have found that 30-Day trials are an amazing way to take action on and experience some of infinite amount of different ways to live your life. I just completed a combined 30-day meditation trial and vegetarian trial. Both were amazing experiences and Ive now established habits that will continue will into the future. Being a vegetarian has really made me look at what i put into my body. I have been eating a lot healthier and it shows in both my energy level and the way I feel. It has also been a great experience to try some of the foods i wasn't as open to before. Usually when i go to a restaurant i over look the vegetarian choices because there are so many amazing meat choices to try that i don't even think about it. Through this trial i have experiences some pretty amazing menu items i wouldn't have necessarily given a chance before. I didn't really have that hard of a time giving up meat. I ate a lot of salads and made a ton of different vegetarian pizzas. It was cool to see how much flavor you could get with out any meat. There were only a couple days where I really craved a turkey sandwich or a slice of peperoni pizza. I will continue to stick to a mostly vegetarian diet in the future but ill still eat meat when i feel like it. I'm starting to get into nutrition more and more and am becoming more conscious of the down sides to consuming meat.
The meditation part of the trial has and will have a profound effect on my life. It has helped me calm my inner voice down more than anything else i have ever done. It has brought me to a whole new level of awareness. At first it was difficult to quiet my mind and find silence but now it has become a lot easier. I cant start to see the silent power i have inside of me. I am a lot less jittery with unnecessary movements. I can sit and focus in class. I feel a lot more calm. Ive gotten way more in touch with my instincts and the things my subconscious is telling me. Ive even taken steps in being present in conversation, where i just wait to talk and don't have a line of thoughts coming in as what to say next, what i think about this and that, how i can add to the conversation, what the person is going to think. I just wait and trust myself to say what i need to say when i need to say it. I didn't even notice i had all this mumbo jumbo going on in the background until i was free of it. Its quite amazing. Over all the trial has proven itself as an invaluable way to start new habits and try out different perspectives of life.

Today I start a new trial. Nothing big but I have a lot of book marks that I've accumulated and been meaning to read so I am going to read 2+ articles or bookmarked links each day for 30 days. Much of the articles coming from Steve Pavlina's blog. He has a lot of amazing things to say. From there we'll see were inspiration leads me.

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