Friday, February 11, 2011

Kaleidoscope Reality

Reality behind our senses, judgments, attachments, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ect are an Infinite kaleidoscope of raw data, a fractal geometry. A sort of ink blot test that we mold into the reality we see with our consciousness. The level of our experiences mimic the level of our consciousness.

Drugs like DMT rip away the filter we use to view reality and shows the true nature behind the distortion of our mind allowing us to receive information we cant receive normally.

This truth of reality that DMT lets you be spectator to is reason we are able to create our environment with our minds (like so many spiritual teachings suggest). What we see on the outside, the laws we live by, EVERY experience we have is a direct interpretation of (your) consciousness. It puts all this information together into a story about where you are in the space and time.

Your experience is a reflection of the level or wave length of energy your consciousness is on.

The mind doesn't interpret reality. Rather reality is an interpretation (reflection) of the mind.

Focus on what you want to expand.

As Within, So Without. Literally.

See video for more on DMT:

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