Friday, April 16, 2010

Talking yourself out of the good times.

As children we do a great job of living in the moment. We climb trees to the top without thinking about how hard its going to be to come down. We ride our bikes down hills as fast as we can without thinking about how much its gonna hurt when we fall. We play in the mud without thinking about how hard its gonna be to clean our cloths. We lose this as adults. The more times we make arts n crafts with Popsicle sticks and hot glue the more times we get burnt by the glue gun. The more times we have to clean up the mess we had so much fun making. As we grow up our focus changes. We start thinking about all the negative things that go along with living in the moment and it can stop us from leaving the couch at all. First you think somehting like 'I should go to the bar' then immediately the negative thoughts start creeping in. We over analyze the situation. Instead of giving the night a chance you start thinking 'No one will be out' 'Ill sit there like an idiot' So it becomes easier to just sit on the couch and let all the life experiences you could be acquiring pass you by. Its easier to avoid the unknown instead of use it as a chance to explore and grow like you did when you were a child. All the life experience you get when you grow up takes away from any new life experience you can get in the future, if you let it. We must remain conscious of the times we talk ourselves out of taking action. If you have an idea. DO IT! If you wanna get into a kid cudi concert and you don't have tickets. GO TO THE THING ANYWAYS! Look for a back door. Enjoy every minute of it. Even if you don't get in you had fun trying. Nothing is a waste. Its a numbers game. The more chances you give yourself, the more things are going to work out. The more things that work out the more confidence you'll have in the next adventure you partake in. Knowing that each failed experience was just something that gets you better at succeeding the next time. This creates a snowball that grows into an amazing life. Get out there. Be optimistic. Enjoy the adventure. Explore the experience. And live like a kid again.

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