Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rags to Riches Rando Reality Rhymez

All these people are just guests, there complaining just a test, in my reality, my reality.
If I want to be my best, that is what ill manifest, in my reality, my reality.
One thing that I detest, being compared to all the rest, this is my reality, my reality.

Try and drop the petty games, used to keep your mind tame.
for this i do not blame, i just see it as a shame.
so much potential we posses, if we get the hatred off our chest.

no more worries no more cry, live for each moment that goes by
another challenge to over come, overcome it don't ask why.

Stop giving your power away, don't care what people say.
It takes creativ-it-tay, to see the true way.
The fearlessness to seize the day.

the things that happen to us don't define
but its our actions over time
that determine if we shine
or get sucked in to the slime.

lol i'm out. Be fresh eat fresh live fresh n have fresh breath.

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