Friday, April 16, 2010

Layers: Voice. Feeling. Self image.

There are many layers on top of who we really are, our self image. The most obvious layer is the voice in you head saying you cant do something. Your not good enough. Telling you only the obstacles. Below that is a the feeling. The feeling is what the voice is trying to justify. The feeling is what the voice is explaining to you. Once you can stop hearing the voice you can start to deal with the underlining feeling. The feeling comes from your self image. The goal is to get your self image to the outer layers of your potential. Not let any of the voices hold you back from what your able to accomplish. From 'I'm bad at math' to 'I suck with girls.' These are all self fulfilling prophecies. Recognizing that your past mistakes or failures don't define you. That you NEED those experiences to succeed. Realize that how you talk to yourself determines what you are capable of accomplishing. Change how you talk by being aware. Change the feeling of uncertainty and doubt by pushing your comfort zone. And notice that the things you're able to accomplish will change.

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  1. • I read this blog and thought to myself, “I feel like it came from a book.” I think this blog was short and sweet, but to the point. I liked it! I think a key point you make in this blog is being aware. I think a lot of people avoid being aware of their actions and words because they don’t want to recognize what they are saying or doing. They don’t want to admit to who they are portraying or really are. If you are willing to recognize the things you do..”things you’re able to accomplish will change.”