Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Source Energy

Something is out there. It can be felt and seen. A connectedness of energy. The very act of trying to describe it takes away from its meaning. People throughout history have tried to define it. Some people call it god and give it human characteristics. Explain what cannot be explained. Understand something our minds may not be built to understand. Our perspective may be to limited. Yet it is to big and to beautiful not to reach for. Like flowers reaching for the sun.

The current name I choose is Source Energy. It comes to us when we don't resist it. Something everyone can tune into. Something everyone who finds it will interpret uniquely. Something internal rather than external. The universe becoming aware of itself through us. The only thing consistent about it is its inconsistency. It blows my mind. Each day a little closer to understanding what cannot be understood. Learning from the people who searched for it before me and leaving something to be learned by the people who will search for it after me. Life, you are truly amazing.

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