Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's ok to get high on life.

As people grow up they stop thinking its ok to be a kid. Society scolds them every time they climb a tree in public, or meet a stranger, or smile and yell for no reason. 'are you high' people ask. 'That guys hammered' people say. What happened to doing things because you enjoy them.

People don't let themselves enjoy things. They use marijuana in order to have fun sitting outside at the park, or watching a movie. Sure the stuff can enhance things. but the truth is life is so amazing it doesn't need to be enhanced. Yes a mushroom trip is like nothing you can experience in your sober life. And smoking marijuana takes you places you couldn't go if you were smoking sunshine and snorting flowers. I think doing these drugs to go on vacation is great. Evey one should try them, but it becomes a problem when you use them to escape. You use them to distract you from reality rather than bring you closer to it. They need to be left as a vacation. Smoke weed to get a different perspective on a movie or sunset or the back of a 20$ bill. But be careful about spending the majority of your time stoned to the bone and swap your weed vacation out for the Bowl-to-bowl High life. You stop doing anything. It lowers your threshold of fun. It makes it OK to sit inside and watch tv. It starts to take away from your life instead of enriching it.

Alcohol is another hat people like to wear to belong. People use alcohol to lower their inhibitions and to escape from their problems. On a pretty large scale. They fear being judged but want to have fun so they use alcohol as a crutch. They go have fun and if someone judges something they do its ok.. they were blacked out... It becomes a competition between people to see who can get more shitfaced. Last time i checked it wasn't hard to chug beer and take shots till you threw up under the bar stool, on the beer pong table or in the sink (If your too classy for a toilet). The real challenge is going out and truly enjoying yourself, dancing, talking to random people, and not giving a shit what anyone else thinks. Not relying on the excuse of being shitfaced if you make an ass out of yourself.

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  1. • I like this blog because you acknowledge not only why its ok to still love and enjoy the little things in life, but almost why it is necessary. I think too many people live each day in stress and chaos that they think their only way to escape is drugs or alcohol. What people don’t realize is that taking the time to paint, draw, run, climb, jump, swim….these are all healthy and efficient ways of enriching your life. And you’re right… people make this a challenge and rely on excuses. Its time to go out and have fun! Booze and Pot will always be there..why not take advantage of the little things