Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just do it.

How you do anything is how you do everything. Ask yourself how your life is going to turn out if your to lazy to start any endeavor you think worthwhile? how much stuff will you miss out on? How many things have you already dismissed because you talked yourself out of taking the first step? Now think about how great your life would be if u had the courage to dive into everything you saw potential in. You didn't let yourself talk yourself out if taking the first step. You didn't let other people decide the path you should take. You stopped listening to the voice in your head that said you cant, told you it is to hard. You stepped up this one time and planted the seeds to your future. You took it one step at a time. You continued to water the seed you planted. Knowing if this one dies it helped you know how to better take care of the next one. The worst thing you can do is to not do anything. Realize there is no such thing as failure. Each thing you don't succeed at gets you closer to a success the next time. Let go of all the excuses. Your past laziness's don't define you. Each time you've chosen inaction over action it has reinforced the behavior. All it takes is one action to get the ball rolling back where it should be. Back on the path of your true potential. Only then will you feel a happiness like you've never felt before. You will wake up each day with a purpose. A reason for leaving the comfort of your warm covers and relaxing position. Embracing the new warmth found in the moment. Who uses a snooze button anymore? Being awake finally has more fantasy and potential than anything we could come up with in our dreams. The World Is Yours.

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