Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Theres somthing very huge or very small out there.

This thing is currently beyond our comprehension. I predict that some where down the road science will explain it all, one thing at a time. It could take 100 years of 100,000. maybe we wont live that long but I have a feeling that the feelings we get, the coincidences we encounter, the miracles we see, that we currently call god because we cannot explain them in any other way will someday be explained. I wouldn't be surprised if all the things we felt, all the spiritual laws we have, (like the law of attraction) are all subtle things. so subtle that you cant even begin to explain them from our current world view. Much like a Neanderthal couldn't explain how a spaceship works (or a light bulb for that matter.) Some day we will have figured it all out. Would this take away life's beauty or add to it? Like naming and defining trees and flowers have changed their meaning. Sometimes people enlist the help of marijuana or mushrooms to become reconnected with the wildlife we have all filed away as explained. The things we stopped taking the time to be present and enjoy.

Maybe its somehting that's unexplainable, a power, an energy to big for the mind to ever grasp fully. a connectedness that can never be defined. but i just hope we can start to get closer to it rather then farther away. because losing site of it is losing site of ourselves. I guess if being lost doesn't kill us then it'll make sure the only thing we have left to do is to be found.

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  1. This is a really intellectual post. I get what you mean but I have a hard time replying to it because I don’t feel as though I have a strong enough grasp on the concept. Amazing quote though, “I guess if being lost doesn’t kill us then it’ll make sure the only thing we have left to do is be found.” Did you think of this? Such a though provoking quote! Seriously!